Dharma Bear Initiative

              Welcome to the Dharma Bear Initiative

      The Dharma bear initiative was a team project by members of an online message board community found at ABC-Lost.  The objective was to ship, share and deliver two LOST related teddy bears, George and Ginger, around the world in about a year.  In the end they were sent to the producers of the show as a gift from the fans.  This teddy bear named George has traveled to many states and countries and was hosted and photographed by several pre-chosen volunteers.  His adventures and pictures were collected and displayed here on this site as he continued his journey.  It is my hope this site is both entertaining and a little educational.  Join us as we see the world through teddy bear eyes. 

      Now that our project is over we can celebrate our success.  Here is a review of the results of our experiment.  61 volunteers signed up to host a Dharma bear.  Out of the 33 that were assigned to host George bear:


27 were successful at hosting, forwarding and turning in pictures for the site.

  1 was successful at hosting and forwarding, but did not turn in pictures.

  5 were unable to host due to a variety of circumstances.

      Regardless of coming short of our overall picture and location goals, we did achieve our ultimate goal of sending two teddy bears from person to person all the way around the world!  We collectively made this website, and Ginger's, to share our creativity and fun with each other and you.  

Congratulations to all who contributed!

Goof/Karilee Phil4Terri/Phil
Jaylen Lost4Eternity/Tanya
Holden Caulfield’s Girl/Donna LostPeppergirl/Tammy
LostMommyof3/Alia MountainsGandalf/Mel
FoundQuilting/Holly Slvrhalo/Donna
Shmarnold/Marnie Lostphilia/Donna & Sally
CocaColaCdnGrams/Gail Carl the Irishman/Carl
Super Servo/Jasmine Peanut/Linda
Ms SylarFord/Stephanie Johnny English/Antony
Lost Lover Sue/Susan Lev yashin/Kate
ChickamaugaChick/Kamama Tt11tt22/Tony
Force’/Becky Vishkus Lion/Gary
OhPook/Katie Got no theory/Angie
MarylandSawyer/Mary Jorge Garcia Fan/Gia


To see the Ginger Bear site click here

  And to see a Map of the USA portion of their journey click here.

Notes from the project director:     

       I would like to extend a big thank you to all the friends I've made on the lost message boards.  I've had fun making friends, participating in activities, meeting in person and watching a simple TV show message board grow into a wonderful community of diverse, friendly, intelligent and fascinating people.  I look forward to seeing George's incredible journey as he travels all the way around the world and shares his teddy bear love with everyone along the way.