Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: Jefferson City Missouri

Host: ChickamaugaChick/Kamama

Date: June 17-29 2009

George arrives in the Missouri capitol Jefferson City

to visit Kamama, who is also known as Chick.

Chick is hosting a party for several fellow Lost fans from the
message boards.  People from all over came to see
Chick and George. It's a grand reunion with some of his
previous hosts HCG from California and Cola from Alberta. 

And future hosts Mary (on left) from Iowa,

and Mel (on right) from Kentucky.

George looks forward to visiting their homes.

Beth flew in from Florida to visit with everyone and
George was more than happy to meet her too.

George parties hardy with Camy Bear,

wears Hawaiian leis & glow toys

and a sweater Cola brought for him.

He even joins everyone for a game of pool at a favorite local hangout,
Mikes corner pocket.

Around town he goes to see the Missouri capitol building and
even makes a quick trip to St. Louis to see the famous Gate way arc.

After a long and fun weekend, George gets some much

needed rest to prepare for his next adventure.


Kansas City

Location: Kansas City Missouri
Host: Force'/Becky
Dates: July 1-10 2009

George Bear got to go with me one night to Triathlon Training at
Shawnee Mission Park and he had a blast!  Shawnee Mission
is known for all the deer that make the park their home and one
of them was nice enough to let George have his picture taken with her.

Then, George got to go down to Country Club Plaza and had his picture
taken at one of the most beautiful fountains in Kansas City. 
The Plaza is one of our favorite places to eat and shop.

Mr. George also hung out on the deck of our house and cheered on the
golfers, who really appreciated the support!!

I'm sure you can see he was also made part of the family. 
Copper enjoyed giving him piggy back rides and Sampson
carried him around like his baby.  Don't worry -
George was not harmed in the process...
Sampson would never hurt his baby!

I'm quite certain LOST is my favorite

show of all time and I'll be quite sad

after the completion of the final season. 

I actually didn't even watch the show the

first season and then my friends introduced

me to the incredible show via DVD. 

I couldn't stop watching and that's how our

Kansas City LOST chapter was formed. 

We take turns every Wednesday hosting

the LOST gathering.  When the season

used to start in the fall, we would have a

LOST Christmas party the Wednesday nearest to Christmas and have a

"White Bear Gift Exchange". My husband and I have been to the LOST set

on the North Shore of Oahu twice and actually got married on the beach where

a portion of the show is filmed.  I definitely love this show to an unhealthy level,

but IT'S SO GOOD!!




Saint Louis

Location: St. Louis Missouri

Host: Oh_Pook/Katie

Dates: July 11-24 2009

George  got to go to an outside performance of Stephen Schwartz's GodSpell at

The Muny theatre.  We almost got kicked out for taking a picture of him on the

stage.  It was asked that the picture be deleted!

(of course we didn't, what kind of LOSTie would we be?)

George also got to attend an outdoor concert under the Arch for
"Stand Up to Cancer".   Sheryl Crow and Elvis Costello performed. 
Here he is with Katie.

He happened to be in town during the 2009 All-Star Game. 
He didn't get to throw out the first pitch though.   Rats!

He narrowly missed being "played with" by the "scarier than any smoke monster",
Pook family dog Olive Juice.

It was a nice visit in St. Louis, MO.