Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: St. Paul Minnesota

Host: MsSylarFord/Stephanie

Date: June 1-9 2009

George comes to St. Paul Minnesota. He is eager to start the day with

his host MsSylarFord aka Steph.  They check the message boards

for fun with their fellow boardies before heading to work at the Jewish

Community Center child care facility.


George thoroughly enjoys spending the day playing with the kids on the

playground. He especially loved the slides and the stroller ride.

During the lunch break they get a treat at Carbou coffee and

some hot pockets. George wonders if this is the flavor Hurley threw

against the wall in the show. Hmmmm.

Back at the JCC he hangs out with his new friend Boomer the bear.

Boomer also travels by visiting the children at their homes. 

George hangs out with Snoopy too.

After work George eats at Stephs favorite restaurant Chilis and then

goes to a Weight Watchers meeting to tell everyone

about his all fish biscuit diet. 

Back home George plays with Rowdy the stuffed dog.

Sings Karaoke and plays Wii with Yoda.

Another day and another great place to explore. 

Steph takes George to the famous Mall of America in the

nearby town of Bloomington! (George & Steph are under the letter F)

George sits Comfortably in the letter C, and Lounges in the letter L.

Inside at the Nickelodeon Universe theme park,

George poses with Uniqua and Pablo from the Backyardigans

and Dora the Explorer.

And at the Lego Imagination Center

he asks Boba Fett if he's ever

played Wii with yoda.

After all the fun this week it's great to relax with

a dish of black bean brownies and of course watch Lost.

George says, "Goodbye Minnesota, I've had a great time. 

And interesting numbers you've got on that plate." 

He also ponders if some day, somehow, maybe he can visit Hawaii. 

Wouldn't that be cool?


Location: Omaha Nebraska

Host: LostLoverSue/ Sue

Date: June 10-16 2009

George Bear arrives in Omaha and this time feels it would be better to write

about his adventures for his website himself.


George writes:  I came to Omaha just in time for the NCAA College World Series. 

Saturday was opening games at the CWS and my hosts Sue and her son Luke

had to weave around the crowds to get to the big statue at the front of the stadium. 

ESPN had a boom truck with a camera scanning close-ups of the whole statue. 

When they got out of the way some nice LSU fans were nice enough to pose

with me at the Road to Omaha statue.


Right next door to the stadium was the Henry Doorly Zoo.  If you ever watch

CWS on ESPN Sports you will see the Worlds Largest Indoor Desert dome in the

background behind the stadium. When we were inside the Dessert Dome,

I thought I was transported to the Tunisian Desert.  Nearby was the Lied Jungle. 

It's the worlds largest indoor rain forest and I felt as if I was transported to the island.

Good thing Luke kept me company.

Over to Bear Canyon we got to see my own kin!  

I wonder if they feed them fish biscuits.

After fighting the crowds at the Zoo, I managed to see old and new train engines.  

Union Pacific has their headquarters in Omaha and my hosts husband works there.

While in downtown Omaha I got a picture of me in front of their Central Park Mall and

the Quest Center. This was the venue for the Olympic swim trials.  This is where

Michael Phelps qualified to go to the Olympics 

and of course later won so many medals.

New to Omaha is this new pedestrian bridge. On the other side of this bridge is Iowa.

Here is the Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company headquarters.

See the huge mural on the front of the building. 

During the Olympic swim trials they had a huge mural of a swimmer on the front.

If you're old enough you may remember an old TV show called Mutual of Omaha's

Wild Kingdom starring Carl Perkins. This was long before the Discovery Channel.

 On the other side of town is the real Father Flanagan's Boystown. 
Made famous by the movie Boystown starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney
which was filmed on location right here at Boystown.  Today the village of Boystown
has been surrounded by the city of Omaha but it has its own zip code, post office,
police station, schools, etc and is home to 550 boys and girls living in 70 residences
lead by family-teachers.  These are highly trained married couples there to provide
guidance to the youths during their stay.  I got to get my picture with the
   "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" statue in front of the history building.
Inside I found the actual Academy Award Spencer Tracy won for playing the role of
Father Flanagan in the movie, he donated it to Boystown.
Here I am inside an old bus now on display inside the museum.

The richest man in the world lives here. Looks like Warren Buffet is home today,

his garage is open and I can see his cars. He bought this house in 1937 for $31,500. 

Today it is valued at 770, 000.  A pretty modest house considering how rich he is. 

This isn't even the most expensive house in town. 

This town has hundreds of big houses valued at 1-10+ million dollars. 

Lots of neighborhoods filled with million dollar mansions and Mr Buffet lives here.

You may even catch a glimpse of him with 

his buddy Bill Gates at his favorite steak house.

His other favorite place to go is Dairy Queen of which he is a major stockholder.

Omaha is also home to Strategic Air Command, Offutt Air Force Base. 

Interesting to note, on September 11, 2001, the President was brought here to SAC

headquartersto be kept safe during the attacks of that day.  This is the SAC Museum.

I also got to go to work with my host. 

Here she is lurking on the LOST message Boards.

I had a great time in Omaha.  Thank you Sue and Luke!