Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: Ireland

Host: Carl

Dates: Nov. 13-23 2009

George makes it all the way across the Atlantic ocean to land

safely in Ireland.  His host Carl opens the box to find George

hibernating nice and comfortably wrapped in a cozy blanket. 

Carl lets George get his rest for the first few days while it's

pouring rain outside.  Not much touring to be done in the water. 

And George, is after all, a bear who needs his beauty sleep. 

But eventually it's time to get out and explore.

Carl is a student at

Trinity College in Dublin

Ireland.  He is studying

literature & writing. 

Carl introduces George

to one of his favorite

writers.  Someone George

seems to have something

in common with. 

George Bear meets

George Bernard Shaw.

When the rain finally stops, Carl takes George out to see the campus. 

It is simply grand with large ornate and historical looking buildings. 

Outside of the college, they cross the O' Connell Bridge over

the Liffey river into Dublin.  He spots an impressive monument

with lots of statues of angels all around it.  On top of it is a

statue of Daniel O'Connell.  He is known in Ireland's history

as "The Liberator".  George tries to take a nap under it but

he is told that sleeping like a homeless person is frowned upon.

George sees a fascinating (pole like) thing called "The Spire". 

It's a piece of art that was built within the past few years that

was intended to replace a previous "Spire" monument. 

He approaches the base of the pole, looks up and says,

"Duuuuuuuuuude that's tall!"

As the saying goes, "When in Ireland, do as the Irish do". 

George is given his own bear sized bottle of Guinness as

a souvenir.  He enjoys learning about football, and does

really well not to use his paws when kicking the ball with his feet.

Back at Carl's place, George checks out Carl's collection of Lost DVDs. 
He then picks a postcard to write his report home on.

The post card reads: "Hi all!  Just finished my first day in college
as an exchange student in Trinity College, Dublin.  Studying literature
here with my favorite host definitely. ~George BEARnard Shaw."

George wants to tell

Carl something important.

He tells him a secret joke.

It's a really funny one.


Before getting ready to move along, George has the
opportunity to meet with Carl's little sister Emma. 
She didn't want George to go.  Who could blame her?

George had a blast in Ireland and is exited to go see Scotland next.


Location: Scotland

Host: Linda/Peanut

Dates: November 28th to December 11th 2009

George finds his way over to the next island country of Scotland

to visit Linda and her dog Peanuts.  When George 1st arrives

Lil Peanuts is exited and thinks,

"WOW for me?  A whole bear ... THANK YOU !"

Out for our morning walk. George comes across his 1st Highland cattle.

He keeps his distance, as they can be a wee bit grumpy.  Lil Peanuts

and George have a wee rest and enjoy the view.

And what a view to see over Paisley and Renfrewshire. 

He can even see snow on Mount Ben Lomond way off in the distance.  

George hopes everyday has such clear beautiful weather.   

He soon discovers however, that is not the case.  It rains for the next few days.

Our stroll takes us through Glen Park which is a lovely woodland walk,

with a couple of small reservoirs and its own waterfall.

George decides to wear his kilt as we travel across Scotland

to our capital city Edinburgh.   Even though it was often cold,

wet and rainy he still makes time to visit Edinburgh Castle.   

The scene of many a great battle ( normally with the English!)

There has always been a castle on this site since the 12th century

at least one building still exists from then but most of the buildings

have been here since the 16th century.

Next stop Stirling.  

George and Linda just

had to check out the

Wallace Monument

which was built in 1869

to commemorate

Sir William Wallace

our 13th century hero.

You may know him

better as Braveheart.    


Out on our next  morning stroll.  Still proudly wearing his kilt,

George spies a golf course in the grounds Mar Hall, which was

completed in 1845 and was the home Lord Blantyre.  After his

death, the mansion was used for the head quarters of Erskine

Hospital which was set up to care for ex-servicemen. Erskine

Hospital still operates today on the estate providing excellent

care for our ex-servicemen and women, old and young. The

mansion was turned into a 5 star hotel in 2002 and a lot of

famous peeps choose to stay here now when in the Glasgow area.

George loved the historical mill buildings in and around Paisley. 

This one was built in 1812 and is situated on the banks of the River Cart.

George and Lil Peanuts have a wee nap before George heads off to England.