Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: Marsielle France

Host: TT11TT22/ Tony

Dates:  January 5th- 16th 2010

On George's first day in the south of France, he decided to

go to work with TT.  TT is a lecturer in an engineering

university in Marseille, and George was really excited to

see what he would find.

George found the exam too hard for him

( oh yes, George may be cute, 

but his three dimensional geometry is a little rusty),

so he decided to hide behind the box and hope nobody saw him.

TT let him off the hook and got him to help out with invigilating,

which George was surprisingly good at, but as the students are

all cool, he didn't catch anyone cheating.

During the break, he had a little wander around the campus, and

found a place that reminded him of the island.  On the way home,

he stopped for a little picnic in the park, and had great fun sliding

down the rail on the side of the bridge.

Just before leaving Marseille, George saw the "Arc de Triomphe",

and thinking he was in Paris, wanted to stop and have a tourist

photo taken in front of it, as all his fellow Americans do!

As he had enjoyed his trip the University so much, he wanted to

go with TT to a different University to see some of the other

students too. He enjoyed visiting more students, and even

helped give a class on Geography since he was such a

well traveled bear.

After the snow had melted, TT took George around Aix en Provence

to see the sights. George loves a gothic cathedral and clock tower

when he gets the chance, and was over the moon to see this one.

He may be afraid of smoke monsters, but a wild boar is nothing

to George, who is, after all, a Dharma bear. He even showed how

brave he was by trying to ride it.

The next day, TT took him to see the town center, to teach him a bit

of history.  George loved the "Place Albertas", with it's 15th century facade.

He was also very impressed with the fountains at 'La Rotonde",

but as it was so windy, the water wasn't running. TT promised to show

him the fountain again, if he decided to come back to France.

Before getting back into his box and flying all the way to South Africa

to visit Gary, George asked for some picture to be taken from TT's roof

Terrace, to remember the stunning views. First he wanted to be taken

in front of the "Sainte Victoire", so he could show his friends he'd been

to Cezanne country.

George enjoyed his visit with Tony, family and students.

He says, "Merci pour un temps grand."      

 Translation, "Thank you for a great time."

South Africa

Location: South Africa

Host: LostGary/Gary

Dates: February 1st - 16th 2010

George found his way to South Africa just in time to watch LOST

with his new host Gary and his family.

Only a few days later, Ginger arrived.  George and Ginger are both

united for the first time. They have lots to share with Gary (Vishkus Lion)

and Tammy (Lostakat).

George and Ginger spend lots of quality time together.

With the help of Gary's little monkeys (kids), George and Ginger are

given the grand tour of Johannesburg and surrounding communities.

Shaylen helps G & G show their presence in Alberton.  There they find

an awesome park and play ground to have some fun for a while, 

and play with Jayden and Zeta.

In Jo-burg, as Gary likes to call it, the family finds a sport shop and finds

a new friend for G&G.  His name is Zakumi and he's the World Cup

Soccer Mascot.  The shop owners were very friendly.

Kyrin and Shaylen help G & G and crew see the Coca Cola Park

(Ellis Park Stadium); where South Africa won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. 

And where some of the Soccer World Cup will be played.

Next stop is the airport where they watch for any possible Oceanic

flights taking off or landing.  Then the Soccer City Stadium. 

Home of the Fifa Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

Soccer City Stadium Coke tower, Gold Reef City Amusement Park,

Gold Mine Head Gear Tower, and Gold Reed City Casino.

Ginger & George with Zakumi take one last look at Johannesburg before
 preparing to go.  They had a fantastic time with Gary and family.