Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: London & Essex England

Host: Johnny English/Antony

Dates: December 12-18 2009

George is excited to be in jolly old England with his new friend Antony. 

He takes George out to see some sights at Oxford Street.  There George

watches all the great big red double decker busses drive by and learns

that many of the small black cars are taxi cabs.

At Leicester Square he sees bumper car rides and thinks it would be fun to ride them.

George tries to make a call in inside a London red phone box.

Antony is a huge football fan and takes George to see his favorite team play. 
At Chelsea FC football club - Premiership game vs Everton.  George gets his picture
taken with the Chelsea FC mascot 'Stamford the lion'.

George helps Antony at his Tech assistance job.  People call on Antony to help them with
their computers if things don't work right.  Antony enjoys being able to help people this way.
George also has fun with the copy machine.

Before getting ready to go to his next stop, George watches out the window and sees

his first snow. Ooooo pretty!  Thanks for a great week Antony.

Location: Manchester England

Host: Lev Yashin/Kate

Dates: December 19-29 2009

George finally gets to play in some snow when he arrives at

Lev Yashin's house in Manchester England.  He finds watching

her pet chickens peck around her yard rather entertaining and

enjoys the view of Manchester city off in the distance.

In town he continues to enjoy the winter wonderland.

The City of Manchester stadium is home to The Red Devils Manchester

FC Football team. George wishes he could watch a game

but there are none scheduled that day.  Oh well, he had a

good time anyway and thanks Lev for showing him around. 

Next stop, France.