Dharma Bear Initiative

              "California Dreaming"~Mamas and Papas


Location: San Bernardino & Los Angeles California

Host: Holden Caulfield’s Girl/Donna

Date: February 2009



George arrived at HCG’s home just after a series of snow

had left a beautiful cap of snow on the San Gabriel Mountains.


    Holden Caulfield’s Girl and her husband (known on the Boards as “Mr. Girl”) took

George on a field trip.  First they drove by the California Speedway in Fontana.

The California 500 was to be held the following Sunday.

 They drove to Union Station in Los Angeles.

From there, they took the Redline (subway) to Hollywood.

They exited at the Hollywood and Highland station.

George saw the famous Hollywood sign 

from the shops at Hollywood and Highland.

George visited the famous Chinese Theater

(formerly Graumann’s Chinese Theater).

He saw many famous hand prints, foot prints, and signatures.

He posed with the Harry Potter kids’ prints since so many

LOST fans are also Harry Potter Fans.

He also posed in Donald Duck’s footprint,

since LOST is a Disney property.


The Oscars movie award ceremonies were coming in just three days,

and preparations were well underway. George posed on the balconies

and in the foyer of the Kodak Theater where workers were getting

things ready for Sunday night’s ceremony.

He even got to pose on the Red Carpet!


Next stop was the theater where the Jimmy Kimmel show is recorded. 

Mr. & Mrs. Girl were offered free tickets to attend the show that day but

unfortunately George and hosts did not have the time to stay.

Jimmy Kimmel is a huge fan of Lost and it would have been great to meet him.

The tents and structures in front of the theater were part of the preparations

for the upcoming Oscars down the street.


   Walking through Hollywood, 

George checked out the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

There was one for Disneyland and…what’s this, a star for Darlton?


George saw other great sites like the Capital Records building, LA City Hall building,

Pantages Theater and even a picture with Mickey Mouse.

On the way back to San Bernardino George samples some of the local cuisine.

Jamba Juice and In-N-Out Burger

Mr. Girl takes George to see the fire station 

where he works as part of the Haz mat team.

And San Bernardino is a great part of the the old Route 66.


Back in his hosts home George enjoys a siesta with sweet Sierra and

some story time with HCG’s 6 year old son who loves the Magic Tree House

book series.  In it, characters named Jack and Annie travel through

space and time and learn about,  among other things, ancient cultures

and the origins of myths. How very LOST-esque!

George’s favorite book was Polar Bears Past Bedtime.


George had a great time with the Holden Caulfield Family.

"I'm going to Disney land!"

Location: Castaic California

Host: Lostmommyof3/Alia and family

Date: March 2009


        George continues his touring through southern California while visiting

        LMO3/Alia and family.  He has a great opportunity to go on a tour through

        the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. He even gets to see the

        control room where NASA engineers track deep space probes, Mars rovers

        and more.

After that is a fun trip to Disney Land.  Between the entrances of Disneyland and California Adventures there is a building with large posters on it.  One of them is a LOST season 5 poster!  And there are large letters that spell out "California" in front of the main entrance.  George sits on the letter "L" for Lost.

One of the classic features in front of the Disneyland parks is a garden with flowers arranged to form the face of Mickey Mouse.  It's a great place for getting a picture taken.  Elsewhere on the Disney lot was an attraction with a set that looked like ancient temple ruins.  George looked long and hard for Egyptian Hieroglyphs but couldn't find any.

George has had a wonderful time in Southern California

Northern California

Location: California

Host: Found Quilting/Holly

Date: April 1-8 2009

In Northern California, George sees part of the Pacific ocean from

Moss landing at Monterey Bay.  He posed with a mermaid fountain

and goes to see some California Sea Lions.

Although they might be hard to see, there are hundreds of sea lions
lounging across a long stretch of the peer behind
George and his host Holly aka Found Quilting.

At Hollys home George relaxes on a porch swing
and spends some time with Charlie and Eko.

Inside George marvels at the beautiful quilting 
artwork that Holly has made.

Inspired and enthusiastic, 

George tries his paw at helping her make some

quilts using a special long arm quilting machine and a sewing machine. 

Holly makes them mostly for hobby and art but also helps other people

with theirs and gives away many as gifts and to charities.

George did a great job and had a lot of fun making a Dharma Logo quilt.