Dharma Bear Initiative


Location: Australia

Host: GotNoTheory/Angie

Dates: February 22nd - March 30th 2010

George and Ginger arrive in Brisbane Australia and are very eager

to spend time with their wonderful host Angie and get out and see

the sights.  Unfortunately good old Murphy and his unforgiving laws

are there waiting for them too.  The entire time they are there,

Australia experienced an unusual and tremendous amount of rainy

weather the entire time.  G&G could only sit and wait for the rain to stop.

Unable to go outside G&G just take the time to hang out with some

fellow bears who were eager to hear about their world tour adventures.

These bears had their own travel stories to share as well. 
They came from Angie's trip to the USA in November 2008. 
Green, Pilgrim and Indian bears are from Vermont when
Angie visited Lola for Thanks giving Holiday!

And Red Bear is from Las Vegas where Angie met with
Jaylen, Peanut and Goof that following weekend! That
was where some of the initial brain storming for the
Dharma Bear Initiative project took place.

G&G waited, and waited, and waited...but the rain never

seemed to stop long enough to go out and play.  They heard

rumors of arks being built and filled with pairs of koalas,

kangaroos and other animals.  G&G thought it would be best to

just box up and catch a plane rather than take a crowded cruise. 

And so it was time to go to their next and last stop on their tour.

Back to the USA!

A big thank you to our Gracious host Angie.

Back to the USA

Location: San Juan Capistrano California

Host: JorgeGarciaFan/Gia

Dates: April 8th -26th 2010

George and Ginger have had a long and adventurous world tour

and are glad to be nearly done with their journey.  By coming

back to California they have now officially gone around the globe

and back to the American West where they began.  Once they arrive,

G&G take some time to relax.  After the jet lag has passed its time to

meet one last set of friends and see some sights. 

First of course is their lovely host Gia.

Next is Gia's husband Eric, sister Vera, friend Travis and niece Ryan.

They go to see the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  Founded in 1776 by
Spanish Catholics.  San Juan Capistrano has the distinction of being home
to the oldest building in California still in use, a chapel built in 1782; known
alternately as "Serra's Chapel" and "Father Serra's Church".

Next they see Los Rios Street- the oldest neighborhood in Orange County.

They check out the view in the neighboring city of Dana Point.

They loved the local library, built by award winning architect Michael Graves. 
Gia works here so G&G pitch in to help shelve some books.

George and Ginger enjoyed their visit in and around the town.

Thank you very much Gia and Eric.

     Now it's time to be sent to their final destination to share their amazing world tour adventures with the Lost show producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse!  They are very much looking forward to it.  George and Ginger thoroughly enjoyed visiting everyone and seeing the world during this past year and a half. 

Thank you and Namaste EVERYONE!