Dharma Bear Initiative

                 "Every Journey Begins Somewhere"

Location:  Tucson, Mesa & Sahuarita Arizona

Host: Goof/Karilee

Date: January 2009

     George begins his journey January 2009 near Tucson Arizona. The desert of southern Arizona is a beautiful place with plenty of wild life, cacti and fun in the sun.  Among the more unique places to be found in and around the Tucson area are: "A" mountain, San Xavier mission and  Picacho peak.


    On the weekend of January 30th - February 1st George had the opportunity to travel to the city of Mesa Arizona near Phoenix. One of the first places he went to was a local swap meet where he got his t-shirt personalized with his name.

 Next was a stop at a Bass Pro Shop store where he met another kind of stuffed bear, other animals and had some fun.

Red mountain and Superstition mountain are beautiful places

 On the way back to Tucson George visits The Biosphere 2 research facility.

     At last George has the great opportunity to visit a home that was being built by Extreme Makeover Home Edition and meet two of the newer design team members Rib Hillis and Didiayer Snyder.

After seeing so many great places around southern Arizona it is time to move on to his next great travel destination. Las Vegas Nevada.



"I just want to be your teddy bear." ~ Elvis Presley 

Location: Las Vegas & Mesquite Nevada

Host: Jaylen

Date: February 2009



"I love Lost because the show has immersed people from all over the world deep into its mystery....and by working together on theories we have forged life long treasured friendships.   Participating in the Lost bear project allows us to travel around the world meeting 

our friends and living their stories." ~ Jaylen




It is February 2009 and George is excited to be in Las Vegas with his lovely host Jaylen.  There are so many fun and wild things to see.  First things first, it's time to see the main attractions.  He cruises through the strip and sees Huge hotels like, Treasue island and Mirage.

Renaissance themed Excalibur and Egypt themed Luxor

Mandalay Bay looks like it's covered in Gold and

George hears that the Monte Carlo is a really nice place to stay.

George sees the statue of Liberty at the New York New York,

and is glad the giant golden lion in front of the MGM Grand isn't hungry for little bears.

 Upon Seeing the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel he wonders if he'll ever see the Real Eiffle tower some day.  Eventually George does the one thing that everyone in town seems to be doing.  He plays a few rounds on a slot machine.


George sees a giant Coca Cola bottle and realizes that everything in Vegas really does have to be BIG.  Then he sees an add for the Blue Man Group and is glad that his t-shirt is blue and not his face.

After a long adventure on the Las Vegas main drag it's time to just relax.  

Jaylen takes him home nearby to the lovely valley town of  Mesquite. 



 He has a good time playing some golf and a piano.

George and Kayla debate who is more cuddly.  And naturally he makes sure to catch the latest episode of his favorite tv show, LOST.


George enjoyed his visit with Jaylen, Kayla & family in Las Vegas, but now it's time to move on to the next big adventure in California.